What is consider a "New Design"?

One of the most annoying situations for a designer is when a client asks for revision after revision. A small change is okay, but when followed by a series of changes, it can drain our energy and block the creativity.

To prevent that, we provide 3 revisions per design wich are divided by 3 stages
  1. New Concept
  2. Draft
  3. Final

There are cases where we consider a new design based on the changes or our design policy
We consider a new design when:

  1. A new change is requested after the design was already approved by the customer
  2. The design change is greater than 20%, Check your design here and select the areas you want to change

Our ultimate goal is to do our best within our capabilities, ensure the client is happy and create a piece of work we'll be proud to include in our portfolio.

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