Dec 1st Email Client Security Update

We are updating the security settings on the mail server. During this process you might exprience problems about sending & receiving emails.The problem is fully indetified, you don't need to contact us about this email issue, we are working hard to restore services as soon as possible.Estimated resolution time, Dec 2nd 19:00Thank you for your ... Read More »


Datacenters where our servers are located are experiencing right now and experienced in the past 2 days important DDOS attacks on the network. Datacenter engineers are actively working on mitigating and finding permanents solutions for these issues. Because of this, you my be unable to connect to your websites, or your server may ping, but the ... Read More »

Mar 11th Port 25 / Puerto 25 [SOLVED]

Español:Actualmente estamos presentando problemas con el puerto 25 usado para enviar correos por Outlook.Estamos tratando de resolver el problema lo antes posible, no tenemos un tiempo estimado de resolución.Mientras el problema se soluciona, pueden usar el sistema de correo web que está trababajando con normalidad.Para usar el correo web, vaya ... Read More »